Manatee Bracelet
Manatee Bracelet
Manatee Bracelet

Manatee Bracelet

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Manatees are most affected animals from entanglement in recreational fishing gear. Their flippers can easily become wrapped up in fishing line, causing deep wounds, amputations, and loss of life. Always remember to properly dispose of all fishing line, every life counts.


Qatica bracelets are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets and lines removed from the Ocean. Each bracelet represents a promise to the planet to keep our oceans clean. Proceeds support ocean cleanup projects & awareness campaigns.

Manatee Bracelet Details:

  • Size: 6" - 8" (adjustable)
  • Color: 💚 Blue
  • Material: ♻️ Fishing Net
  • Location Found: 🏝 Mexico
  • Hardware: 💍 Nickel Plated Brass
  • Waterproof: 🌊 Yes

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