Balloons Can Blow

 Balloons Can Blow Book

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"Balloons Can Blow, I think you should know" beautifully illustrates the things that could happen if you release your balloon into the air.

Follow the journey of a balloon as it flies up and away, taking the reader on a fantastical journey of the imagination and illuminates how our actions have consequences along the way.

The intention of this book is to raise awareness of the importance of being mindful about our belongings and how we can protect the environment. Balloons Can Blow is a great way for a child to learn and connect deeper with environmental activism.

This book is dedicated to all the amazing children across this world who are full of love for their planet and the life that lives on it. I hope that this story will inspire you to be mindful of your actions and how you can affect the environment. The things you say and do have a ripple effect. It is up to you to be a reflection of positivity and love.

balloons can blow childrens book

May you have the strength to hold onto your dreams and your balloons too!

Love & Light

Robert Webster (Author)

Balloons Can blow author Robert Webster