Pledge for the Planet

Join the quest for clean oceans by making a pledge to be “plastic free” for the planet! 


  • Support your local community by volunteering & participating in cleanups.
  • Share your love for the ocean & respect for all life on planet Earth.
  • EVERYONE is welcome to join our team of like-minded Ocean conservationists, regardless of your species, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, location or political beliefs. We believe in equality and acceptance of ALL human beings and animals alike! 


  • Love is contagious! Lead by example and live a single use plastic free lifestyle! 
  • Spread marine debris awareness whenever possible through social media and word of mouth. PLL products are great conversation starters!
  • Invite Friends & Family to "like" our social media pages
  • Post & Share photos of our products to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter. 


      • REFUSE single use plastic items such as: plastic bags, water bottles, cups, straws, and styro foam containers.
      • REUSE items instead of throwing them away! (Start with a reusable water bottle!)
      • RECYCLE paper, plastic & other items whenever possible. Every handful counts! (Remember... there is no "away" - Dr. Sylvia Earle)