Join the Quest for Clean Oceans!
Qatica rings are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets and lines removed from the Ocean.
qatica ocean plastic cleanup
Our mission is to spread awareness of plastic pollution and help save marine animals from entanglement in fishing nets that are lost or abandoned at sea. Our rings represents a promise to the planet to keep our shores clean and seas debris free.
qatica ring atlantic wave details
Over 8 million tons of trash is being dumped in the oceans every year. And by the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. We MUST stem the tide of plastic that is entering the ocean.
qatica beach ocean cleanup tampa bay st. petersburg trash sunshine skyway
We believe that the only way to achieve clean oceans and a truly sustainable world is for everyone to make a conscious decision to reduce their waste and plastic consumption. Consider how our actions can affect the planet. Qatica rings are a visual reminder directly from the Ocean of what is at stake. It only takes 1 piece of plastic to kill a sea turtle.
sea turtle trapped in net
Qatica rings are a symbol of your love for the planet and the life within it. Proceeds support ocean cleanup projects and spread awareness of marine debris.
qatica green ring recycled ocean plastic

The Qatica movement was created by Rob Webster. @tritonjustice