Dolphin Tale Necklace
Dolphin Tale Necklace
Dolphin Tale Necklace

Dolphin Tale Necklace

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Dolphins can be entangled in fishing gear and nets, due to their curious nature. They will investigate pretty much anything that smells like fish or floats. These marine mammals need air to breath and often die from asphyxiation when entangled in fishing lines & nets.

Dolphin fishing line entanglement

Qatica necklaces are hand crafted from salvaged fishing nets and lines removed from the Ocean. Each ring represents a promise to the planet to keep our oceans clean. Proceeds support ocean cleanup projects & awareness campaigns.

Dolphin Ring Details:

  • Color: 💙 Teal
  • Material: ♻️ Fishing Line
  • Location Found: 🏝 Florida
  • Spring: 💍 Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof: 🌊 Yes

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